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We don't just stock a full range of scooters, we look after them too.

We are WINZ accredited provider, ACC accredited provider and specialize in lottery grant scooters.

  If you have any special payment needs please contact us for information.

Maintenance and Servicing

Is your scooter performing as it should? Get a tune-up and service with us. We check your electronics, motor and connections to make sure everything is in top shape.


If you've accidentally damaged your scooter, we'll fix it. Our welding and painting work can save you money on replacement panels.


Your scooter runs on a pair of batteries, which need replacing from time to time. We stock a full range, from the little 12AH (Amp Hour) to the big 75AH.

Our  batteries are made and specially designed for mobility scooters and power chairs. We can fit the right battery for your scooter.


Just like on a car, the tyres on your scooter need looking after. When they're worn, we'll keep you on the move by fitting you with new ones

Car tyres at the right pressure help the motor use less petrol, and it's the same for your scooter. You can reduce the load on your battery and extend the life of your tyres by keeping them at the right pressure – we can help with that too.

For your scooter products or replacements, ring us now on 0274522447 or email us.

This sun shade can be fitted onto the back of your scooter to keep the sun off your head and the wind off your back. The big back bag can be included too, or you can have one without the other

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